The Differences Between Wusthof Classic And Ikon


I thought that all of the knives Wusthof produced were exactly the same. It seems that I was wrong. The 1814 German brand, is well-known for providing the perfect balance to the user. When I wanted to purchase my very own chef knife set, I looked up in the internet for more information.

Wusthof Knife

Classic vs Ikon Line
The Wusthof Classic line has a more traditional look to it. This line is mainly used by professional chefs and people who have been cooking for a very long time. For example, Martha Stewart and Jamie Oliver. The most obvious difference between the classic and ikon line is the handle. The Ikon handle is much more comfortable to use if you’re using the knife for longer periods.


Both blade materials are the same but some have claimed that the Ikon line is much easier to sharpen compared to the Classic line. If you don’t know which line to go for, choose the Wusthof Classic Ikon Line because you’ll get the best of both worlds.